Operating Unit


The control unit manages all the operations of the locker, ordering the opening of the doors and associating the compartments to each reservation of the clients, according to the dimensions of each order.


QR reader


The system provides a QR reader that allows scanning the code associated with the client providing a 0 contact service.


RFID reader


The control unit can provide an RFID reader to associate orders to customers through a chip that works by contactless, identifying the customer with the compartment that stores their order,

Recogida inteligente QR y RFID
Cerraduras inteligentes taquilla

Door opening


The control unit validates the opening and closing of the compartments. By means of a sensor located in the automatic lock, all the sensors of all the locks are controlled , preventing unauthorized openings.


Screen and app


The application automates the use and display of content on the screen at all times. This shows the user the actions to be carried out for the correct delivery or collection of the products.




The synchronization with the server is constant, allowing to manage the data that occurs during the local management of the locker in an automated way. The information provided from the server to the locker reflects the keys on the openings and the allocation of the size of the compartments according to the size of the orders. All the activities produced on the local server are detailed in the Cloud, providing the data required by the administrator.


La sincronización con el servidor es constante, permitiendo gestionar los datos que suceden durante la gestión local de la consigna de forma automatizada. La información proporcionada des del servidor hacia la consigna refleja las claves sobre las aperturas y la asignación del tamaño de los compartimientos según la dimensión de los pedidos. Todas las actividades producidas en el servidor local son detalladas en el Cloud, proporcionando los datos requeridos por parte del administrador.