The intelligent system is connected to the cloud server, which is in charge of managing all the information about the locker .


The software is integrated by API directly with our client, for the autonomous management of the compartments. The client will only automatically send the information, and it will be the server that will synchronize all the information.


Likewise, at Columat we adapt to all our clients, that is why we also offer a solution in the Cloud to be able to manage reservations without the need for integration.


Reservation Portal

Monitoring of slogans


The smart lockers can be controlled remotely through the cloud platform, allowing the administrator to open the compartments, manage the status of the orders and the graduation of the temperature of the compartments that provide refrigeration.


The server receives and controls all the information from the lockers, from the moment the purchase is made by the consumer, until it is collected. The system is designed to be autonomous, it generates collection codes assigned to customers and sends them via SMS or email to carry out the collection.


Compartment management


The system knows the situation of the compartments, if they are available for the allocation of new reserves, the dimensions of the compartments and what type of temperature it is providing.


By knowing the status and characteristics of the drawers, the system assigns the reserves according to the product dimension parameters, the need for preservation of each product and the collection strip.