Retail and Business Solution

The system is made up in a modular way, with compartments of different sizes.  The Smart Locker's operation is autonomous, it can be integrated into any platform allowing its use from anywhere.

A collection point that manages deliveries and collections, saving management and reception costs, and acting as a micro HUB for the distribution of online orders. In this way, it provides value and omnichannel service, enhancing the flow of people in ecommerce and localization.

How does it work?

The Smart Collection Point can be installed at any location, allowing retailers to expand their operating radius and also their business hours.  

Using Columat Smart Locker promotes a new channel adapted to the consumer, offering experience in the service and accessibility on orders. 

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Online shopping

The system is integrated into the online platform of the retailer and company. The Smart Locker's system assigns shares to users.

Click & Collect

The user chooses the collection option at the smart point or directs it at the time of processing the order.


The order is made available to the carrier, who delivers the order in the system by means of a numerical code associated with the order.


The system directly sends an SMS or email with the collection code to the customer once their order has been delivered.

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Optimization of delivery time and costs generated in the last mile logistics process


Reduced contact between people and possible spread of pathogens


Improved worker productivity