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We customize smart lockers by manufacturing them in galvanized sheet or wood fiber . The sheet metal structure is reinforced thus offering a high resistance and quality product. As for the structure composed of wood fiber, it offers a design and high integration with the space to which it corresponds. 

We design our systems in a modular way, allowing us to add new columns and increase the number of compartments and system capacity. We focus on the sector and the needs of our customers to determine the appropriate size that each compartment should have, as well as the necessary technical characteristics as well as compartments with temperature .  


As for extra accessories, we offer our clients different attachments such as the roof in systems installed for exteriors, hand disinfection applications, benches, cameras, totems, etc. 


Cierre locker inteligente armario

The materials we use are manufactured to be robust and reliable, in more than 2 million openings, adapting perfectly to smart lockers. We use detection sensors, to know when and when the order or material has been delivered or collected and if the compartments are open and closed.

Technical characteristics


- Composed of high resistance nickel-plated steel.

- The voltage in use is 12 or 24 V DC ± 10%, consuming 1500mA at 12V DC.
- Opening in case of electrical or mechanical failure.

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