Food Solution


The system is made up in a modular way, with compartments with adjustable temperature or without temperature.

Each of the compartments is adaptable to the characteristics of our clients, with frozen, cold, ambient and hot temperatures in the same module.

The system is autonomous, it can be integrated into any platform allowing its use anywhere, as it is resistant to weathering and vandalism.

How does it work?

The Smart Collection Point can be installed at any location, allowing retailers to expand their operating radius and also their business hours.  

It promotes a new channel adapted to the consumer, offering experience in the service and accessibility on orders. 

compra online en horario de trabajo

Consumers make purchases online during working hours.

Satisfaction on the part of the consumer to use the service again

Increase in sales

Satisfacción por parte del consumidor para utilizar el servicio de nuevo
Incremento en las ventas
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taquilla refrigerada locker comercio supermercado
Punto recogida mercado municipal refrigerado
columat smart locker temperatura
taquilla inteligente temperatura valls