Food Solution

The system is made up in a modular way, with compartments with adjustable temperature or without temperature.


Each one of the compartments is adaptable to the characteristics of our clients, with frozen, cold, ambient and hot temperatures in the same module.


The system is autonomous, it can be integrated into any platform allowing it to be used anywhere, as it is resistant to weathering and vandalism.

How does it work?

The Smart Collection Point can be installed at any location, allowing retailers to extend their operating radius as well as their business hours.


It promotes a new channel adapted to the consumer, offering experience in service and accessibility on orders.

Smart Locker Albertson

Online shopping

The system is integrated into the retailer's online platform. When the customer buys online, the system reserves the compartments.

Click and Collect

The user chooses the option of collection at the smart point / locker at the time of processing the order.


The order is prepared and made available to the carrier, who is the one who delivers the order in the system.


The system directly sends an SMS or email with the collection code to the customer once their order has been delivered.


Consumers make online purchases during working hours.


Satisfaction on the part of the consumer to use the service again


Increase in sales

Technical requirements

To install the lockers you only need access to the electrical network, a little free space and the GSM network.


Before installation, we recommend to preparated the ground to ensure the stability of the construction.


The system is not permanently connected to the ground, so there are no building permit required.

Required area according to the dimension of the system and compartments.