Pharma Solution

The system is made of antibacterial and fire retardant material. Specially designed and adapted to pharmaceutical products, allowing the improvement of in-store productivity.

Each one of the compartments is insulated, allowing to store the orders of the clients. Thanks to the collection point, the pharmacy streamlines the queues and provides the consumer with a shopping experience.  

The system is autonomous, it is integrated into the pharmacy management platform, allowing customers' deliveries to be managed in a controlled and fast way. 

How does it work?

The Smart Collection Point is installed in the Pharmacy, allowing the consumer a collection for convenience, without waiting and without contact.

It promotes a new channel adapted to the consumer, offering experience in the service and accessibility on orders. 

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Farmacia Recogida productos click and collect taquilla inteligente

Online shopping

The system is integrated into the pharmacy's online platform. When the customer buys online, the system reserves the compartments.

Click and Collect

The user chooses the option of collection at the smart point / locker at the time of ordering.


The order is prepared and  delivery at the collection point.


The system directly sends an email with the collection QR code to the customer once their order has been delivered.



Increased customer satisfaction gaining loyalty

Reduction of queues at peak times, thanks to agile collections

Savings in management costs and preparation of deliveries


farmacia recogida en tienda click and collect