Retail and Business Solution

The system is made up in a modular way, with compartments of different sizes.  The Smart Locker's operation is autonomous, it can be integrated into any platform allowing its use from anywhere.

A collection point that manages deliveries and collections, saving management and reception costs, and acting as a micro HUB for the distribution of online orders. In this way, it provides value and omnichannel service, enhancing the flow of people in ecommerce and localization.


  • Boosts worker productivity, saving from 2.5 hours a day on parcel management.

  • Allows you to receive packets.

  • Exchange materials between workers.

  • Can be integrated with company cards or other identification methods. 

Smart Point Locker para empresas punto recogida paqueteria

Compra online

El Smart Locker asigna automáticamente compartimientos a los usuarios.

Click & Collect

El usuario escoge la opción de recogida en el punto inteligente o bién lo direcciona en el momento de tramitar el pedido.


El pedido se pone a disposición del transportista, que es quien entrega el pedido en el sistema mediante un código numérico asociado al pedido


El sistema envía directamente un SMS o email con el código de recogida al cliente una vez su pedido ya ha sido entregado.

oficinas y coworkings taquilla inteligente gestión de paquetería


Optimization of delivery time and costs generated in the last mile logistics process


Reduced contact between people and possible spread of pathogens


Improved worker productivity